I wish you well on your pursuit of being.

Hairstylist. Photography. Chicago.

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Anonymous asked: Aw that kind of stinks :[ What kind of car are you driving now? Just in case your car dies, RIP! Oh! Let me make an appointment then! Every time I get a haircut, they never get it right :/ Im probably going to dress up as a greaser and paint my face like a Calavera lol. How's your new job going? Is it fun!?


I’m driving a 99 Explorer. Oldddd car lol. I want to get a Mustang hopefully! And i love the new job. It’s amazing! It’s nice to actually work with adults and make some good money :)


Photography By John Westrock

Absolutely stunning.

(via thereaperiswaiting)

Anonymous asked: That sounds amazing! I'm glad! Did you move into your new apartment yet? Also your hair is really nice, should cut my hair! haha jk. Hopefully your plans for Halloween come through also! What are you leaning towards for costumes?


I have not moved to the apartment. I went home for a but because of a problem with who I was moving in with. I need a car also! Haha mine is about to die :( and i love cutting hair! Lol so anyone is welcome to get theirs done :) I honestly have no idea what I am going to be! Haha i have to start thinking. What about you?!

Anonymous asked: Awesome! What is your new job!? Very good to hear you're doing great! Any plans for Halloween!?


I got a job downtown Chicago as a customer service rep making some good money! Still do hair at home, just wasn’t paying the bills right now. Hopefully going to a party and then I’m hoping to go to my favorite college for Halloween to see some people I really miss, so hopefully that happens! Don’t know what I’m going to be yet though :/

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